Making videos for The Escapists on YouTube

If you're making or have made YouTube videos of The Escapists, then thanks! I love watching them, and can’t wait to see your latest one...

I want to make sure that the process of creating videos for The Escapists is as easy as possible for you, so if there’s any way I can help you to create amazing videos – drop me a tweet here.

I also get requests from content creators asking for permission to monetize The Escapists videos, so I’ve provided this open statement which grants all YouTubers the right to do so, provided that you provide some basic information about the game in the video’s description:

“Mouldy Toof Studios grants all YouTube users the right to produce videos of “The Escapists” and apply monetization with the YouTube Partner Program, provided that the video description contains;

     a) A link to The Escapists twitter profile at
     b) A link to the game’s Steam store page at

If YouTube asks you to provide evidence of your right to monetize a The Escapists video, provide this statement and a link to this page. And if you continue to have problems, let me know on Twitter.

Finally, please make sure to send me your video! You can find me in the Steam forums or on Twitter and I’ll be more than happy to share really great videos with the rest of The Escapists community.

Thanks for helping me show the game to the world!

Mouldy Toof Studios

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